Telangana School Books

Telangana School Books

A complete educational suite specially made for Telangana State Board students and teachers.

Education is much necessary for every individual because social reforms were initiated only through education. Nowadays this education becomes more technological and undergoes some modernization resulting in a new technological era. The students also adapt themselves to this technological growth. In order to assist you, we are also developed a helpful application named Telangana School Textbooks: Results specially made for the Telangana school board students and teachers.

Only through education, you can change the world

Telangana School Books: Results

You all have a question what was special about this app..? and How this will be helpful for me..?. For all your questions and doubts this article will give you the answer and clear all your doubts. Without delay let's explore the features of this app.


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Books are the source of knowledge, keep using them...!!

The first and foremost reason behind the development of this application is education especially during this kind of pandemic situation still now some of us won't get back to school or some of us won't get proper textbooks of particular standards. In order to solve all these problems, we developed this textbook application specially made for the Telangana school board students and teachers.

You can read all the textbooks of the respected medium and standard without paying a single rupee. Because of this free of cost, this application will be a boon for students, teachers, and those who are preparing for competitive exams.


The result you achieved will be in direct proportion to the amount of effort you applied...!!

The Telangana state board exam results can be checked through this app itself no need to go anywhere. We have official websites to check the results released by the Telangana Board of Controller of Examination so without any problem you can check your board exam results in our app.

Guides and Study Materials:

It's pure bliss to have someone to guide you...!!

For higher classes, additional guides and materials were presented inside the app. We also notify you about the latest study materials, guides, model question bank, etc. In addition to textbooks, guides and study materials will help you to score high marks and gain knowledge in your field of excellence.

Notes and Bookmarks:

Small efforts lead to a big success, have the habit of note-taking while reading...!!

While reading books we have a habit of taking notes, but sometimes we don't get paper and pen at the time of our need it will definitely spoil our mood and focus. In order to avoid this kind of issue, we have a note-taking feature in our app. You can take notes while reading and save them also you can access those notes whenever you want.

Calm and composed mindset play a vital role in the success...!!

Without hesitation, we are going to share another feature that is small but much helpful for you. We all have this problem with us which becoming a major headache for us nothing but the bookmarking facility. Because of having the bookmarking facility it becomes very easy to get back to the right place where you left off it saves much of your time and mood.


Without any doubt, our app Telangana School Books & Results will definitely be a boon for students and teachers of the Telangana State School Board. Read well and gain knowledge.