Karnataka School Text Books

Karnataka School Text Books

A full-fledged educational platform specially made for Karnataka State School students and teachers.

Education is the tool to make a revolution in this society. But sometimes getting a proper education is more tedious than we think. Proper knowledge and guidance will help us to move higher and higher in our life. We're here to give you both. A wonderful educational suite specially made for Karnataka school students and teachers called Karnataka School Textbooks. During your career path definitely, this app will help you.


We implemented some basic and important features which are very much helpful for students. Let's discuss some interesting and basic features of Karnataka school books.

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Karnataka School Books

If you have proper weapons for war, No need to fear

Books play a vital role in education. It's very important to have a proper book for preparing. On considering all these facts we've developed this product for students and teachers of the Karnataka school board. In this app, you can get all the books of all the standards of the Karnataka school board based on your medium of education.

Karnataka State Board Results

Results are the byproduct of the process which we've done.

One of the most tragical moments of a student is not the result but the process of getting the results. We know how much pressure it creates in the mind. Don't worry..!! hereafter you don't feel all those pressure and tension. We provide all the official platforms of the results so that you can easily check your results.

Guides and Materials

In-depth knowledge will be gained only through referring to various books

In the Karnataka School books app, you can also get some extra guides and study materials that will assist you and get you closer to the topic and subject which you're studying. Education is not meant for getting marks but for getting knowledge. We guide you to gain more knowledge by giving you some extra study materials and guides also added with previous year's question papers will help you in your exam preparations.

Notes and Bookmarks

Take notes while reading and reduce the tension

Note-taking is a good habit because it'll help us to retrieve the concept of the topic whenever we saw that. In order to show those experiences, we're having that feature in Karnataka School books. You can access all your notes which you've noted on a specific page called notes.

Add some bookmarks to the important page or find where you left them before. Bookmarking is also an internal feature of our app that will help you the most.


Education only can make a revolution in this society. Keep working for that revolution, we also assist you in your working phase. Definitely, Karnataka School Books will be a treasure and boon for the students and teachers of the Karnataka state school board. All the best for your studies.