How to Use Bookmarks in Padasalai App?

How to Use Bookmarks in Padasalai App?

In this article, we'll discuss adding bookmarks to the padasalai app

Hello... In the last article, we discussed the note-taking feature of the padasalai app. We hope that the article will definitely clear all your doubts. In this article, we're going to talk about another particular thing that is essential while reading a book called the bookmarks feature, without wasting time we explain how to add bookmarks in a clear and crisp format.

How to add Bookmarks in Padasalai App?


  • As we discussed in the last blog, a small arrow button will be there in the bottom right corner of the book reading page. If you click that you may find the bookmarks icon from the group of menus present in the pop-up.


  • By clicking the bookmarks icon you can get into the bookmarks adding page. On that page, you can add and save the bookmarks. If you want to delete any of the bookmarks just press and hold the bookmarks which you've to delete.


Hurray... !!! Hope you've cleared all the doubts regarding bookmarking feature in padasalai. Let's meet on the next blog. Stay connected with us.