How to Download School Books

How to Download School Books

In this article let us explain how to download school books in Padasalai App.

Hello... hope you're well. We're really happy to talk with you through this blog series. On using our product padasalai you may get some doubts on certain fields like how to download the books, add notes, bookmarks, and sometimes delete the book. This convo is especially to clear all your doubts.

Every time an update occurs some changes will occur in the app which drives the users into a confused state because they've found some changes in their regular actions. In order to solve all these malfunctions and discomfort, we develop this blog where you can find the answers to your doubts in a crisp and clear format.

How to download books in padasalai?


  • On the home page of padasalai you can find the module named "Nool". To get the school textbooks you've to use this. Inside this module, you can find the standard-wise separation.


  • After getting into Nool, you can see the various standards out of which you can select the standard that you need.


  • By selecting a specific standard, you will get into the subjects listing i.e. books related to that standard with medium-wise separation.


  • As in the above image, after selecting a particular book you will enter into this page where you can able to see the details of the book you selected. On that page itself, the download button is available using which you may download the book. The download progress will be visible to you on the same page.


  • Once the book is downloaded means the download button will be changed to read, by clicking that read button you can read the book.


  • You can view the books that you've downloaded on the downloads page. All the books downloaded by you are here. Additionally, if you don't need the book means by long pressing the book you can delete the book.


We hope that you will be cleared of the doubt that you have while downloading a book. Keep connected with Padasalai learn more and gain more.